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Relax Far Infrared Sauna

For centuries, in order to detoxify, people have exercised and practiced arts such as Chi Gong in order to stimulate glands and/or to produce sweat, 15 minutes in the RELAX FIR sauna can help improve capillary function, revitalizing the circulatory system and activating cellular renewal. Far Infrared Light energy boosts the body’s metabolic rate, assists in fighting illness, and enhances the body’s ability to regenerate cells.


Boosts Metabolism:

Far Infrared Energy pulsates the water molecules in the body, and breaks down the water molecule clusters. This improves capillary function, allowing the water molecules to easily enter, revitalize, and regenerate the body’s cells. Burns Calories:

The RELAX Far Infrared Sauna can produce 2 to 3 times the sweat of other FIR Saunas. Arthur Guyton's textbook says that producing 1 gram of sweat burns .568 calories. Using the Relax sauna for 15 minutes could easily burn about 600 calories, the equivalent of running 4-6 miles, or doing a 45 minute cardiovascular workout. .

Reverses the Aging Process:

Americans are used to sitting for extended periods, often over-eat, usually do not exercise regularly, and are often susceptible to chronic diseases and aging. The FIR Sauna can raise the metabolic rate, enhance beauty, and reverse the aging process.

Enhances Detoxification:

The Relax FIR Sauna can open up the pores in the body and release the toxins that are building up inside. It can clean up the body and reduce the workload of the body in removing toxins.

The Relax Sauna stands Heads & Shoulders above any other FIR Sauna! 

How does the Relax Sauna compare to other Portable Saunas?

The Relax Sauna semi-conductor chips converts electrical energy to absorbable FIR energy between 4-14 microns (at temperatures up to 140 - 170 degrees), excluding both near and medium infrared rays which can be harmful to the body.  Hundreds of other “FIR” Saunas made in China use a hot plate (or heating element)  and a black cloth impregnated with charcoal/carbon, which generates only about 20% FIR energy.   From experience, we know the Relax Sauna “feels so much better”, and takes a lot less time to complete a sweating treatment than any of these other less expensive saunas.   The technology of the Relax Sauna is light waves (no pun intended) ahead of the “primitive” technology used in other portable saunas.  We recognize the role these saunas do play in the promotion of the healing affects of Far Infrared Light.  We don’t however believe, they have the intensity to heal large diabetic ulcers in 7 weeks, 20 minutes a day, as The Relax Sauna technology has shown itself able to do.  


How does the Relax Sauna compare to wooden FIR Saunas? 
The Relax Sauna is the only sauna that uses a patented semi-conductor chip that guarantees 100% FIR light.  No wooden sauna can match this technology.  Some use carbon; others use ceramic chips.  But the semi-conductor chip used by the relax sauna is documented by the FDA to emit 100% absorbable Far Infrared Light (between 4 and 14 microns), and technologically appears to be far more advanced than the technologies used by other saunas.    The Relax Sauna technology is also listed with the FDA as a medical device. Not all wooden saunas are 100% Far Infrared Light,  nor are they necessarily medical devices.

The Relax Sauna heats up instantly, and in 20 seconds one can feel the healing light that penetrates, and is absorbed by the body.  We have been told by many that they like the fact that your head is NOT inside the Sauna. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information and services provided at Living Well Life Spa are not meant to diagnosis, cure, treat or prevent any medical issue. Consult your healthcare provider. 

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